Armon Adibi

Armon Adibi

Dallas, Texas

Men’s Physique Show preparation
Classic Physique Show preparation
Men’s Physique Posing coaching
Classic Physique Posing coaching

What can an athlete expect from you? What does the process look like?

An athlete can expect my time and commitment during their contest prep to the day of your competition. I want to see all my clients do well and see my clients’ transformation. The body can do amazing things. Majority of my clients place in the top 3 for a reason. I am very attentive and have been doing this since I was 17 so I do have the experience. I am also an NPC judge.
The process would be check-ins via phone or in person and the frequency depending on the package you purchase.


Coaching history and achievements:

I have started bodybuilding since I was 17. Then, I started training others and being a contest prep coach since I was 19, therefore 14 years ago.

I have several clients in the IFBB and GBO pro status. Also, a majority of my clients place in the top 3 in NPC, WBFF, and GBO shows. Please refer to my Instagram and Facebook for clients’ transformations and winnings.


*Dietitian/ Nutritionist
*Cooper Clinic Elderly Training
*ISSA certified
*NASM certified
*14 years of experience in contest prep coaching with producing champions


Can you mention few of your athletes Instagram’s or provide a link to your portfolio.

What do you expect from your clients?

I expect hard work, dedication, and commitment. My clients will only get the results, only if they put in the effort and listen to everything I tell them to do.

What services do you offer?

Online and in person.