Andrew Berry

Andrew Berry

Burlington, Vermont


Men’s Physique Show preparation
Classic Physique Show preparation

What can an athlete expect from you? What does the process look like?

After filing out an initial questionnaire and determining that the athlete and myself will be a good fit, I develop the initial plan complete with meals for training and non-training days, supplements, cardio and other health considerations that came up in the questionnaire. Each week the athlete checks in with me, following a protocol I designed, on our scheduled day that works for both of us. Changes will be made if needed. If we are pre-contest, as we get closer to the show date, I will ask the athlete to check in more frequently. I am available through email any time and its the best/fastest way to get ahold of me. Training programs and or guidelines can also be provided if the athlete wants direction there as well.


Coaching history and achievements:

Hard to put an exact number on it but I would estimate over 100 class wins, 25+ overall’s across all divisions in physique sport, most of them in the NPC.


B.S. Dietetics
B.S. Nutrition Food Science


Can you mention few of your athletes Instagram’s or provide a link to your portfolio?

You can check out my instagram @berryswole where I post client pics with their own credentials

What do you expect from your clients?

I expect professionalism both ways. I expect them to follow the plan as written and communicate with me effectively. This pertains to checking in properly, voicing concerns or any pertinent information that may come up. I expect them to train hard. This is very important.

What services do you offer?

Online and in person.