What is your Instagram name?


What made you decide to compete in the Men’s Physique Division?

I admire the art form of doing the Men’s Physique division. It’s not all about being massive and growing as much muscle as possible. It’s the perfect balance of aesthetics and strength. Ever since I started lifting I wanted that asthetic look so striving for that allowed me to gain interest in this division. I noticed that my body type once I got heavily into training was very ideal for this division.

Can you tell us a little about the show in which you most recently competed?

I recently competed in my first show, The Mountaineer Classic, which is held is Charleston, WV. Charleston was actually my hometown and where I grew up at so this show seemed like the perfect place to start my NPC career. The show size wasn’t huge but it wasn’t small either. There was a good amount of competition and experience for my first show. I competed in the True Novice and Open C class. I took first in both and ended up competing for and winning the Overall. I couldn’t of imagined a better start to my career than a hometown win! It was perfect.

In how many shows did you participate in?


What was yours best placing and where was it?

My best placing was first place class winnings and an overall win at The Mountaineer Classic.

Next planned competition?

I am now taking time off to try to develop more lean muscle mass and plan to start prep next year and compete at the Junior USAs in May of next year.

Do you get support from your family and friends?

Almost all of my family and friends were present at my first competition! I received unreal support during and after the show. From them shouting in the crowds to celebrating after the show by going out to dinner. It was all amazing support and I can’t thank them enough. I also have my girlfriend to be thankful for as well. She supported and helped me throughout my entire prep and was there front and center during show day.

What is your typical day looking like during the preparation period?

Throughout my entire prep I was in school. I would wake up and make my first meal, then head to class. In between classes I would eat my 2nd meal & then finish up around 2:30. I’d head home and start cooking my pre workout meal. Gym arrival was around 4 everyday. I would do whatever workout was assigned for that day and then do any needed cardio right after. Rest days were also used for cardio as well. I then would get home and start cooking and preparing my 4th, 5th, & 6th meal. Those consisted of my post workout meal, dinner, and late night snack. For the remainder of that evening I would relax, do HW, or do something with my GF.

Current occupation? Full Time Student
What is your favourite clean mean? Chicken, Jasmine Rice & sweet potato. With an Oikos yogurt on the side!
What is your favourite CHEAT mean? Pizza
What is your favourite supplement? Pre-Workout. The correct amount and balance of those ingredients together do wonder for performance.
Physically & mentaly.
Who is the athlete you most admire? Andre Ferguson. Shape is unreal.
Years training? 3

What advice would you give to yourself if you had opportunity to go back in time?

Knowledge is power & to never stop applying yourself.



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