5 tips for getting a fitness industry sponsorship


  1. Market yourself and find your niche:
  2. Research companies and know your product.
  3. Put yourself out three – If you don’t knock on doors don’t expect a sale.
  4. Give back, show what you have to offer.
  5. Take baby steps and prove your worth.


  1. Market yourself and find your niche:

Social media isn’t everything but in this day in age, it will be difficult to get a sponsorship without having some sort of platform that will allow you to share your stories, photos, and experiences. Finding a niche is a simple marketing technique that allows you to break through into smaller segments of a group. Fitness is a niche, bodybuilding is a sub-niche, enhanced or natural bodybuilding breaks it down even further. I recommend that you look carefully at who follows you and why because that determines who will follow.

My niche, for example, is a narrative of a guy who had overcome many obstacles to be where I am today. Away from the narrative, I have a fan base who likes me because I’m shredded 99% of the time. So my niche is the freaky bodybuilder following. That said, I also have the average gym enthusiast who is uplifted by my positive story.

  • Who follows you? Why?
  • What do I represent? Why?


  1. Research companies and know your product.

Researching a company can be passive or assertive; passive is by looking online, Facebook, Instagram. Are these companies looking for sponsored athletes, brand ambassadors? Demo reps. The passive way is the easy way, however; you fail to make connections this way.

The assertive or active way is to go network, go to trade shows, talk to other reps or even friends at the gym who know others in the industry.

Get to know the product – Before you apply make sure you know and understand what that company is about. I should clarify or expand on knowing the product. Don’t just know what they do, understand the company making them. What is their vision, mission statement? Make sure you understand these things before approaching the company. Make sure your vision is aligned with theirs.


  1. Put yourself out there.

As I mentioned in the last paragraph, get out there. Get to know people in the industry and the community, the more people you talk to the more opportunity you will have.

Next step is contacting companies. There are so many ways to apply for sponsorships; Instagram, facebook, email, a tradeshow in person, supplement stores… it’s actually endless if you get creative. Here is a creative trick, ask for the sales reps name or marketing rep of a company by going to your local supplement store. Once you find the contact name and email you can find them at a show, on Instagram/Facebook/LinkedIn/email..etc

Get creative.

  1. Give back; show what you have to offer.

Once your foot is in the door make sure you prove to your sponsor that you are loyal and committed. You are not entitled to a sponsorship just because you compete.

Make sure you clearly read what the sponsor requires from you in the agreement, go over and above these.

  1. Take baby steps:

There are different types of sponsorships or deals you can make with companies in the fitness industry. As I stated earlier you are not entitled to anything, don’t expect a cash sponsorship no matter how good you think you are.

Take product sponsorships; make sure you work at booths if offer, even if not paid. Just make sure the essentials are reimbursed for these.

Do demos In exchange for product. Post in exchange for product or time. When a sponsor takes notice you have given time back they will consider paying you.

Remember these simple tips, in a nutshell.. work, you are given nothing, Go MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.

Paul, Kindofabigdeal, Martin


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