IFBB PRO Douglas Evans

What is your Instagram name?


What made you decide to compete in the Men’s Physique Division?

One of my classmates suggested that I consider it as I was studying to become a personal trainer after retiring from skydiving. I thought about it for a little bit, knew I loved training and competing in various sports through the years and decided to give it a whirl. Loved the way it challenged me both physically and mentally and after walking of stage for the first time knew I was in love.

Can you tell us a little about the show in which you most recently competed?

My last show was the Kentucky Muscle. It was a stacked show with over 30 MP Pros and my 4th pro show for the year. The fact that there were multiple Olympians didn’t discourage me though as I compete against myself. Yes, everybody wants to win and receive the coveted Olympia qualification but I knew that I could bring my best ever to this show and was determined to do so. This is exactly what I did and although there turned out to be 19 guys that the judges thought had a better package than me I was extremely proud of what I brought to this stage and with my head held high left and began working on getting ready for my next and final show for the year. The Ferrigno Legacy.

In how many shows did you participate in?


What was yours best placing and where was it?

This all depends on how you define best. Looking at the numbers ranked from the judges. I won my class and masters overall at the 2015 NPC Gopher State, earned my IFBB Pro card at the 2016 North American Championships, and my highest Pro placing has been at the 2017 Titan Grand Prix placing 14th.

Next planned competition?

2017 Ferrigno Legacy

Do you get support from your family and friends?

My family and friends support me 100%. They have come to understand what it takes in order to give it my all and I absolutely would not be where am I today without the incredible unselfish support from everyone in my life, especially my wife. She has sacrificed so much and allowed me to give so much of myself to my training and focus that she has undoubtably “gone without her husband” for a good amount of time while I have prepped for all of my shows.

What is your typical day looking like during the preparation period?

My day typically begins with fasted cardio, followed by home for a shower and breakfast. Then I’ll head back to the gym to work with a few clients, eat again and train my main body part for that day followed by another meal, a few more clients, another meal and train auxillary muscles. I’ll then head home and eat, work on posing or cook and prep my food (every third day). Then finally sit down with my final meal, unwind, usually watching whatever Netflix series I’m into at the moment and crash.

Current occupation? Personal Trainer
What is your favourite clean mean? Steak and Potatoes
What is your favourite CHEAT mean? Popeyes Fried Chicken, French Fries, Biscuits, and a Coca-Cola
What is your favourite supplement? Magnum Nutraceuticals: The entire line depending on what phase of training I’m in. I love Primer, Quattro, Limitless, Volume, Mimic, Acid, Hi-5, and Opus year round though.
Who is the athlete you most admire? Xavisus Gayden
Years training? 5

What advice would you give to yourself if you had opportunity to go back in time?

Don’t take anything for granted. Cherish every moment of every day with whomever you are with. A lesson that I have learned over time.

🙃😁 #tbt it was on this day after blowing up my second ankle and having metal put in it that I officially retired from skydiving professionally. That completed 2 bionic ankles and landed me in Minnesota. You never know where the path may lead you friends but if this had never happened I have no idea where my journey would have taken me. As hard as it was to give up something I loved and lived for so long, God had other plans. Although I can’t run anymore I am blessed to have found a new #passion, a new #sport, and another #family of like minded people that care and support each other. Love my #skyfam and now love my #fitfam all the same. From Smilee to Smiles I am still the same me, just a different version in a different world. #funfact, when given the name Smiles they had no idea a whole different family across the world only knows me as Smilee. #skydiver ➡️ #bodybuilder #lifesadventures #bionicman #humptydumpty #thejourney #betterthanever #lovingfriends #ifbbsmiles @dinger_jumps @evlsports

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