John Collins and how to win PCA British explosive Men’s Physique

Well, what can I say it feels absolutely terrific to come off stage and receiving my very 1st place trophy and medal. I still have to remind myself this is my first year and I’ve covered a lot of ground from the start of the year

Body power muscle model search. Finals 2017
PCA qualifiers 3rd 2017
Pca super series no placing 2017
Pca British finals 3rd 2017
So it seems like the hard work in and out the gym and sacrifices have paid off.
The event I just won was the PCA British explosive ape masters men’s physique qualifiers 2017 held in Birmingham UK.
The competition was quite strong, to be honest, and I was lucky to share the stage with such great and a gracious bunch of athletes who brought such good physiques to the stage.
I had my son and all the family with me again in the crowd cheering me on and giving me 100% support as per usual I couldn’t have asked for more.
Backstage I was helped out by my pal @danieljarroue who helped keep my head together and looked out for me and my friend @zoelelln and her husband sorting my tan and glaze and pointing me in the right directions
The really crazy thing is that I only decided to enter the competition 2 and half weeks before as I was not really planning on doing any more competitions this year but after chatting to a good pal who I trust told me I was about 2 to 3 weeks out from stage ready. I thought I’d give it a  shot to see what happens. It was a bit of a risk as it didn’t leave me much time to prep and also meant that I had no room for error. So I had to do twice the amount of work and put in extra hours in the gym and in the kitchen in order to stand a chance and be presentable for the stage. I took a huge chance by dramatically changing my regular diet and switching to a keto type diet and trying a different carbing up and drying out process and going off my own intuition. I felt I knew the capability of what my mind could do mentally and what my body could physically achieve and by the grace of God In my own opinion I think I looked better than I ever have on stage.
Well, I say I’m gonna take it easy until the finals next year but I’ve got itchy feet so may do 1 more before then to keep myself occupied still but we shall see.
I never really understood the concept of offseason as I stay quite lean all year round so I’ll keep a balanced diet and still enjoy a social life without being too hard on myself and enjoy the gym as I always do.
In between all the competitions, I’ve gained my life coaching practitioners qualification, level 3 personal trainers qualification, and am just in the middle of completing my mentoring qualification. So now working on the next project getting ready to inspire and motivate the next generation to make there own impact on their life’s the same way I have.

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