What Is Your Instagram Name?

 When Did You Start Competing And What Motivated You?
I started competing in 2008, did my first bodybuilding show at a whopping 208 pounds lol. But I had put on about 20 pounds of muscle in about 16 months.

What’s The Hardest Aspect Of The Contest Prep?

Hardest is the mind game, physically it’s challenging but the mind plays tricks on you all the time. If your mentally weak you will never be your best. Also working a normal Job 50+ hours a week will juggling time for my wife.😅

Pizza Or Burger?


Who Is Your Biggest Supporter?  

My beautiful Wife Cristina. I matter the placing she always got. Y back and there to pick me up.

Which Athletes Do You Admire Any Why?

I admire Kobe Bryant for his relentless will. Michael Jordan for his ability to elevate a sport higher than anyone before his time. And Muhammad Ali for his confidence and tenacity in the ring.

Donut Or Chocolate Cake?

Donut. (Pancake also works)

What Advice Would You Give To Yourself If You Had Opportunity To Go Back In Time?

Just be patient, you can’t rush a masterpiece when the time is right your work of are will be appreciated.


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