Men’s Physique stories is series of short interviews with Men’s Physique competitors from all around the world. They will be sharing their stories to help you get further with your Athletic journey. They will be here for you, show them your love.

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What Is Your Instagram Name?


 When Did You Start Competing And What Motivated You?

I started competing in June of 2016. I was motivated from a conversation with my nutritionist in which he thought I would do well if I competed. His belief in my potential and his ability to give me the proper guidance motivated me to pursue competing.


What’s The Hardest Aspect Of The Contest Prep?

The hardest aspect of contest prep is adjusting to daily macro changes.. Having to go to the store daily is not the easiest or most convenience of things.

Pizza Or Burger?


Who Is Your Biggest Supporter?  

My biggest supporter has been my parents. The don’t miss a show. I had a tune up show a couple weeks before Nationals and I explained to them I was only doing it to fine tune my posing. They didn’t care they were still there to cheer me on.


Which Athletes Do You Admire Any Why?

Kobe Bryant is my all-time favorite athlete.. I admire him because he displays the utmost belief in himself. In the body building world I admire Brandon Hendrickson and Jeremy Buendia not only for their physique but their excellent posing routines.

Donut Or Chocolate Cake?

Chocolate Cake.

What Advice Would You Give To Yourself If You Had Opportunity To Go Back In Time?

If I could go back in time I would give myself the advice of taking posing more serious in the beginning.. There were shows early on the I know I had the best physique but I didn’t do a good job of presenting it.

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