Men’s Physique stories is series of short interviews with Men’s Physique competitors from all around the world. They will be sharing their stories to help you get further with your Athletic journey. They will be here for you, show them your love.

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What Is Your Instagram Name?


 When Did You Start Competing And What Motivated You?

I literally starting competing on July 22, 2017. That was my deceased Mother’s birthday, so I decided to compete in her honor. Our last conversation before her passing, I told her that I was going to pursue fitness and she gave me her blessings. Two weeks later, she was gone. Everything we discussed in our last conversation became my life’s purpose. It’s the force that’s driving me.

What’s The Hardest Aspect Of The Contest Prep?

The hardest aspect of contest prep was remaining disciplined during peak week. I just remember being so hungry all the time and lethargic. My body was craving carbs and sugar for energy. The big picture was always in mind. I looked at the situation as a sacrifice and a test for greatness.

Pizza Or Burger?


Who Is Your Biggest Supporter?

My biggest supporters are my Mom, Dad and my two Son’s.

Which Athletes Do You Admire Any Why?

I admire Arnold Schwarzenegger for winning Mr. Universe at the age of 20. Phil Heath for being so great right now. There’s a lot of respect for all the athletes who compete. The dedication and hard work is evident.

Donut Or Chocolate Cake?


What Advice Would You Give To Yourself If You Had Opportunity To Go Back In Time?

The advice I would give myself, would be… Don’t be afraid to be different. Get out of your comfort zone and do exactly what your heart desires. You’re an athlete who loves the grind that goes into training for any type of competition. Don’t let other people’s limitations effect your belief in yourself. Go be great!

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