Men’s Physique stories is series of short interviews with Men’s Physique competitors from all around the world. They will be sharing their stories to help you get further with your Athletic journey. They will be here for you, show them your love.

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 When Did You Start Competing And What Motivated You?

My first competition was back in 2004 at the IFBB National competition in Spain.
And about what motivated me, after over 12 years of constant workout, living my passion I was just feeling that it was time for a new challenge, go one step forward.
So I got a coach and started mu first prep.


What’s The Hardest Aspect Of The Contest Prep?

I’d say the psychological one. I truely believe that in the end it all comes out to your mental strenght to go through the process.
The low carbs but still heavy workouts, the discipline, the sticking to the plan no matter what.

Pizza Or Burger?


Who Is Your Biggest Supporter?

Definitely my girlfriend. I met her a couple of months before my prep for the Arnold Classic Europe 2016.
She isn’t involved into this world as I am and I’ve been honest telling her since day one that this wasn’t going to be an easy road for her either.
It’s not easy to handle an athlete during his prep.
But she’s been there every single day of the process, helping me as much as she possibly could and supporting me like no other. No conplain, just inconditional support.


Which Athletes Do You Admire Any Why?

I could name a few.
Obviously, Arnold, the master and a reference for anybody who loves fitness and bodybuilding.
And I had the pleasure to briefly meet the greatest as Phil Heath, Kai Green, Victor Martinez…
And as mens physique athetes, I love the shape of Jeremy Buendia, Jason Poston , Ryan Terry, and Sadik Hadzovic wich I met at the Barcelona airport a few days before my competition at the Arnold Classic Europe 2016. Really humble, friendly and with some really worthy tips.
I keep a great memory of that day.


Donut Or Chocolate Cake?


What Advice Would You Give To Yourself If You Had Opportunity To Go Back In Time?

That’s a hard one but I woyld say..
” don’t let the nerves mess up with you when you when you step up onstage. You’ve been preparing yourself almost a year for this moment.
You only have a few minutes to shine. This is the climax of months of hard work.
So forget you fear, and during this few minutes, just walk on like you’ve been doing this all your life”

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