Men’s Physique stories is series of short interviews with Men’s Physique competitors from all around the world. They will be sharing their stories to help you get further with your Athletic journey. They will be here for you, show them your love.

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What Is Your Instagram Name?


 When Did You Start Competing And What Motivated You?

I started this year wanting to set a example for my 10 year old son but I was motivated by watching athletes at the body expo show in Birmingham uk 🇬🇧

What’s The Hardest Aspect Of The Contest Prep?

Having to deal with friends and family who didn’t understand what it was I was trying to achieve, so constantly having to explain what I can and can’t eat and why I was doing it. Oh and the diet

Pizza Or Burger?


Who Is Your Biggest Supporter?

My mom and my girlfriend.

Which Athletes Do You Admire Any Why?

I really admire Simeon Panda and Ulissesworld for there commitments to the game and how far they have got and the fact they come from similar backgrounds as myself.

Donut Or Chocolate Cake?

Chocolate Cake

What Advice Would You Give To Yourself If You Had Opportunity To Go Back In Time?

Be more confident in myself don’t spend so much time caring what others who don’t do what I do think and embrace who I am and don’t try and imitate to fit in.

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